Welcome to
Hekim İlaç

Hekim Pharmaceuticals started its health journey in 2012. The Company continues to carry out its R & D studies and investments, which it attaches great importance to, without slowing down, in its product range, which includes non-prescription products.


 Just a few of our happy customers we have been serving since our establishment. Selcuk Pharmaceutical warehouse Alliance Health Care, Iskoop Pharmaceutical warehouse

Our Values

Innavator and Modern

To become a leading and international brand in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry; we work passionately to improve the lives and the world we touch with our innovative products and services, bold and pioneering initiatives.

Compliant with Quality Standarts

To conduct all our activities, business processes and relations within the framework of ethical rules. We believe that our understanding of quality exists not only in our products but also in management, employees and the culture of the company.

First Health

Our (Hekim İlaç) main objective is to contribute to human health by making quality a lifestyle, continuing its activities with respect to environment, open to change, reliable, prioritizing customer satisfaction and medical ethics.